JANUARY Parent/Guardian Guide

Making the most of the drive home

I follow a guy named Brian Fretwell on Instagram. He regularly posts about how to connect with others better. What he recently shared might be helpful on your drive home from EQUIP BOYS.


He says we're great at showing we care by asking questions like, "How was school today?" But he argues that if we're hoping to connect deeper, we can reframe our questions from showing care to showing interest.


For example, instead of "How was EQUIP BOYS?" Ask, "What was most useful for you today at EQUIP BOYS?" Instead of, "Did you have fun?" Ask, "What was fun?" Questions like these, according to Mark Reardon of Quantum Learning, challenge us to think about how something positively affected us, which does two things: it re-enforces the learning and helps us to value the experience more. And the more we find something valuable/useful, the more we're willing to engage.


More possible options:

What was most memorable for you at EQUIP BOYS?
Who really made you belly-laugh?
What's something you learned about a friend?
What's something you learned about yourself?
Tell me about your top core values?
What made it challenging to narrow your 10 core values down to three?
What makes you want to go back to EQUIP BOYS?


A few quick things:

  • The first three chapters of my book are online for the boys. I hope it's another resource to continue the conversation between regular hangouts. It's just the first draft, but it's a start! CLICK HERE
  • Science proves that play/fun is critical to development—and especially helpful in relationship building. I've blocked out time over the weekend and the first part of the week. If any of the boys would like to grab lunch, etc., let me know—fill out the form below.
  • Next EQUIP BOYS: 

Friday, February 2nd, 2024. 5pm to 7pm, at the Albertsons' home.
Monday, March 4th, 2024. 5pm to 7pm, at the Albersons' home.



Mahalo for bringing your boy to EQUIP BOYS. Kids generally base what they think is important on what their parent or guardian believes is important. Making time, driving, and having follow-up conversations is another way you're showing that you're interested in their development and who they're becoming—that ending up somewhere on purpose is important.

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Additional connection times:

  I'll attempt to accommodate the following:

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