Friday, January 5th, 2024, at the Albertsons' home from 5pm to 7pm

Aloha! We're just one week from the launch of EQUIP BOYS. I've been eagerly preparing for this moment—reading books, listening to podcasts, having conversations, etc.—hoping to lead, love, and serve your boys to the best of my ability. Here's what the boys can expect at the first gathering:


5:00pm-5:45pm: Learn how to play—then play–ultimate frisbee. (It's kinda a blending of football/soccer but with a frisbee. It's easy to pick up and always a youth favorite.)


  • Boys should wear footwear for running on a grassy surface.


5:46pm-6:00pm: Mealtime and welcome.


6:01pm-6:10pm: Icebreaker: Boys will be divided into groups. One group will try to complete a puzzle using the puzzle's image with the pieces face up. The other group will try to complete a puzzle without the puzzle's picture and with the pieces face down.


  • It's a silly and frustrating activity, but it points to the importance of having a vision for your life—visualizing the future. 


Program note: I don't want to merely teach it; I want to walk it. I'll share that I dread the in-aircraft test we, as pilots, take every six months. I feel my job is on the line, and I must prove myself to stay flying. I believe it doesn't have to be this way—I envision a better "check-ride" experience. So, I put in for and was accepted to our company's Instructor/Check-Airman training. I'll have tons of studying and experience tough scrutiny. And I could very well fail out of the training. But my vision for what could be is bigger than my fear of what might be.


  • To have a vision, we must know what we stand for: our core values.


6:11pm-6:30pm: The Storymatic experience. Groups will draw cards that develop the main character and setting. From those cards, they'll think of a short story to tell—it's not English class, so we're going for creativity and fun over syntax and grammar. 


  • The character development cards will be our launching pad for discussing the idea of having core values—these things that are a part of us that help shape our story.


6:31pm-6:55pm: Core Values activity. The Boys will learn about core values and identify their top 3 core values.


6:56pm-6:59pm: Closing Debrief. I'll share a few final thoughts.


7:00pm: Pick-up.




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If your boy is unavailable on Friday, January 5th, 2024, schedule a small group/one-on-one hangout below. We'll find a fun/relational activity like Fun Factory, the beach, or Twin Falls, etc., and grab lunch—my treat!


  I'll attempt to accommodate the following:

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