May Debrief

Observations and musings —

Thank you for your belief in and support for EQUIP BOYS. Here we are, already six months in, and you consistently show up. You bring your boy to the all-group gatherings, invite me to support them at their events, and are flexible regarding special nights out. The fact that your lives are already so full, yet you make time for EB, means the world to me. 


Speaking of six months, we're finally getting to the point where the boys have a clearer understanding of EB and have developed trust in me and the others to engage more authentically. As such, this last EB had the most focused engagement. 


While I didn't expect the boys to leave with a solid understanding of their personal boundaries and how to respect the boundaries of others, the seeds were planted. I hope this past EB has set you up to continue the conversation at home. Hopefully, over time, the boys learning about physical, verbal, and emotional boundaries will serve them and allow them to understand and respect the boundaries of others, resulting in thriving relationships.


I'll re-attach the guide below if you want to review the physical, verbal, and emotional boundaries questions with your boy. We'll move forward with empathy and the emotional wheel at our next EQUIP BOYS on Friday, June 21st.


In the meantime, I recommend We Bought a Zoo, an emotionally charged movie. (Check our IMDb's parent guide to ensure the content is appropriate for your family.) It's filled with the raw emotion of a boy finding himself while the father is losing himself. Yet, when they finally get honest, they find each other. (Based loosely on a true story.)




  • The boys are asking for a camping trip. Please share your insight if you have suggestions on how we might make that possible.
  • Also, I'm budgeting for an Oahu trip. I'm still deciding whether to plan an all-group trip (which would require a chaperone or two) or a small-group trip. It's TBD, but it's on my radar.
  • Lastly, I'd like to share the parent contact list. If you'd like to keep your number private, please let me know by Friday the 7th.


  If you still need to register your boy/s now, CLICK HERE