Friday, February 2nd, 2024, at the Albertsons' home from 5pm to 7pm

Thank you for helping launch EQUIP BOYS—your belief in the mission and vision is encouraging! Hopefully, you had some meaningful conversations about your family's and your boy's values. Next, EB will help the boys identify their natural abilities. 


I learned too late that we're susceptible to undervaluing our unique giftings/strengths. Take someone who's naturally a talented writer. At a young age, they may believe since writing comes easy to them, it comes easy to everyone else. Unfortunately, they might dismiss their uniqueness as no big deal. Suffice it to say, ending up somewhere on purpose includes identifying and understanding our gifts/strengths.


Mine include shepherding, knowledge, exhortation, hospitality, and administration. Of course, not "shepherding" in the literal sense, but through leading, training, and caring for others. EQUIP BOYS and mentoring are the perfect contexts for me to share my knowledge, be an encourager, and build community. ("Administration" is the side of me that likes structure.) I discovered these over a decade ago, and they've continued to guide my decision-making—beginning with my late-twenties career change from airline captain to working with youth.


I'm eager to initiate conversations around discovering one's gifts/strengths. Here's how that'll look for February.


5:00pm-5:44pm: Physical activity.


  • We'll keep the momentum going and stick with ultimate frisbee again. (Boys should consider wearing footwear for running on grass.)


5:45pm-5:59pm: Mealtime and recap core values.


6:00pm-6:24pm: Paper airplane contest.


  • Each boy will construct a generic paper airplane and give it a toss. After reviewing its flight path, the boys will fold a new plane or adjust their original design. I'll help them add things like ailerons (for left and right) and an elevator (for up and down). The point: changes such as adding ailerons, an elevator, or weight to the front affect how the aircraft flies.
  • I'll tie this to their gifting/strengths—emphasizing that they possess specific abilities to help them fly further and more purposefully in life.


6:25pm-6:35pm: Ten Talk.


  • I'll give a 10-minute teaching on giftings/strengths to set up the group for the next activity.


6:36pm-6:54pm: Gifting/Strengths activity.


  • The boys will identify a few of their natural abilities and how those strengths help shape their priorities.


6:55pm-6:59pm: Debrief and clean up.


7:00pm: Pick-up.

If your boy is unavailable on Friday, February 2nd, or would like additional hangout time as we did in January, schedule a small group/one-on-one hangout below. We'll find fun/relational activities like Fun Factory, mini golf, the beach, Twin Falls, etc., and grab food—my treat!


  If you still need to register your boy/s, CLICK HERE